Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher

Impact Crusher is the premise of absorbing foreign advanced technologies, combined with sand and gravel mining market precise conditions and the improvement in the newest generation Impact Crusher. It makes use of the latest manufacturing technology, the exclusive structural design, processing was completed cube, no tension and cracks, grain shape is quite excellent, capable of breaking a feed of many size of not more than 700mm, compressive strength no greater than 350MPa of coarse, fine material, is extensively made use of within a number of ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemicals, building and other industries.

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Impact Crusher Benefits

1. Higher put on resistance

Impact Crusher wear components are utilised sophisticated high wear-resistant material, at a reasonable speed and under circumstances sufficient to attain the ore crushing chronology; and crushing cavity wall all aircraft equipped with wear-resistant materials, the material in within the impact crusher for crushing chamber without having harm, no put on, therefore growing durability.

2. Productivity massive

Productivity in the equipment belongs towards the large low-speed, multi-impact form of crushing chamber broken equipment, lower the line price of about 30 percent, crushing ratio; as well as the evolution on the conventional three-stage crushing procedure into two or perhaps a broken workflow, access towards the higher production capacity and output.

3. longer life

Adjustable gap from the machine back plate and plate hammer among the fundamental guarantee for the anticipated size, plate hammer and lengthy service life. Meanwhile device also equipped with a security device through the iron, when the non-broken material into the machine, the device will automatically shut down at the barter row, having said that, reduce the foreign physique harm towards the components, boost life.

4. The crushing ratio

Its deep cavity crushing chamber impact crusher crushing equipment than the average pocket depth deeper, escalating the number of times the material, the material within the cavity can be subjected to a complete and productive crushing, compared with conventional crushing equipment, its crushing ratio, the solution size superior.

Two-curtain cavity hydraulic impact crusher
Model Rotor Φ×L (mm) Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PFW1214II Ф1150×1400 1100×1430 500 130-200 4-132 Y315M-4/132 2400×2310×2550
PFW1315II Ф1300×1500 1200×1530 600 180-320 4-160 Y315L1-4/160 2700×2570×2800
PFW1318II Ф1300×1800 1200×1830 700 240-400 4-200 Y315L2-4/200 2700×2870×2800
PFW1415II Ф1400×1500 1450×1530 800 240-450 4-200 Y315L2-4/200 3000×2700×3070
Three-curtain cavity hydraulic impact crusher
Model Rotor Φ×L (mm) Feed Opening (mm) Max Feeding (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw) Motor Model Machine Size (mm)
PFW1214Ⅲ Ф1150×1400 570×1430 250 90-170 4-132 Y315M-4/132 2550×2310×2100
PFW1315Ⅲ Ф1300×1500 625×1530 300 180-270 4-160 Y315L1-4/160 2960×2570×2380
PFW1318Ⅲ Ф1300×1800 625×1830 300 220-300 4-200 Y315L2-4/200 2960×2870×2380
PFW1415Ⅲ Ф1400×1500 800×1530 350 280-350 4-200 Y315L2-4/200 3120×2650×2660

Operating principle of impact crusher

Impact crusher is usually a use of impact power to crush components broken machinery. When the machine work, driven by the motor, the high-speed rotation in the rotor, when the material in to the plate hammer area, as well as the Impact Crusher around the rotor hammer crusher, then crushing device was thrown around the counter-attack again, and after that in the liner counter bounced back plate hammer once again crushing region, this method is repeated, the material descending in to the a single, two, 3 counter-cavity repeated broken, till the material is broken towards the desired size, from the discharge port. Gap adjustment involving the Impact Crusher rack and rotor supplies can accomplish the modify the shape with the expected size and material purposes. Stone from the best of the machine straight in to the high-speed rotation with the turntable; the part of the high-speed centrifugal force, plus the other aspect with the Umbrella way shunt produces high-speed collision using a high density of crushed stone fly around the turntable, stone in the fight against one another, will many instances against each other and bring about friction, crushing, straight in the lower discharge amongst the wheel and chassis type a vortex motion. Forming a closed loop various instances, controlled by the screening gear to reach the necessary size.

Impact crusher routine maintenance and upkeep solutions

Impact crusher is an application influence could be broken machinery. To defend the impact crusher, much more preferably in the sand production line in continuous operation, continuous crusher application life, users should really be often crusher of protection and enjoying. Immediately after the new machine into operation, in the finish of every single class of back-breaking perform is essential to conduct a extensive inspection.

Immediately after a week of back-breaking run in the motor, the smooth conduct a complete inspection. Fastening the case to check the contents include fixed parts from the belt drive, bearing seals, Impact Crusher liner, liner put on overview place the whole bit, and setup joint inspection cycle scheduled upkeep and replacement rail program. Rotor impact crusher using a gap counterattack liner adjustment: When the rotor crusher at run time, the gap involving the rotor plus the counter-liner can not be adjusted. Because the material into blocks of residence among the back plate as well as the plate and shell, the initiative to adjust the gap involving the new frame is slightly lifted counterattack, for example feed blocks turn into loose, influence rack easily adjusted. If the counter-attack planes insufficient, you may tap around the relaxation of the lever (maintenance using a piece of wood), clearance among the rotor and counter-liner machine by adjusting the beam means to attain, first loosen the bolt sleeve, then scrolling extended nut, this Activities will probably be in an upward direction when the lever, adjust fortunately the screw fastening sets.

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher replacement of wearing components: soon after the Impact crusher when modify wearing parts, initially open shelves. Use, the initial following the shelves in the cabinet and get rid of the bolts, then use a wrench towards the hex head flip installed locally, after which progressively open shelves. In the meantime, you may make use of the rear frame suspension Diaozhu above the racks. Repeating the above process, that is certainly, following closing the shelves. Crusher plates Hammer: Hammer Crusher plate wear to a specific level should be timely adjusted or replaced to prevent harm towards the rest component from the fastener. Crusher liner: Open the cover, eliminate ashamed pinning counterattack lining with slotted nuts, bolts, for the counter after replacing the liner wear. For example the installation of new counter-liner, invert the above methods quickly.

Crusher bearing temperature tall: 1 grease an excessive amount of or not adequate: Verify regardless of whether the appropriate level of grease two. Grease stain: a clear replacement of the rear bearing grease 3. Bearing harm: Modify bearing impact crusher inside the technique Sand production line of play important step within the use from the process, we have to timely maintenance and repairs, the issue within the bud destruction, not runs the threat of losing even more important pledge to make sure the smooth sand production line deformity state.

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